Maintaining HVAC Systems can Reduce Energy Costs

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Heating and cooling your home costs you more than any other system in your house, usually accounting for 54% of your utility bills. But it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to have good climate control! Save yourself money with these simple energy-saving tips:

Even little changes can make a big difference in times of heavy energy use for heating and air units. You can actually save 5% on winter heating costs for every degree you lower your heat in the 60-70 degree range. If you often forget to shut off air conditioners, consider setting them on a timer, or see if you live in an area where power services offer smart air conditioning plug ins that regulate use to prevent blackouts and increase energy efficiency.

Don’t ignore pre-programmed settings on your thermostat! A well-programmed thermostat can save as much as $180 on yearly energy costs. Browse your owner’s manual or consult local heating and air conditioning contractors to set your thermostat in a way that will save you money and energy. Chances are the changes will be too miniscule to bother you, and your bill will look much less daunting!

Badly installed HVAC systems can actually reduce the efficiency of your system up to 30%, putting a major dent in your energy efficiency. Duct leakage alone can sap 20-40% of the energy out of an otherwise well-maintained and effective air conditioner. By getting regular heating and air conditioning repair and upgrading insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings, you can actually cut your energy use and environmental emissions by 20-50%. Making sure your furnace is clean, properly adjusted and lubricated can also reduce energy use and save you up to 5% in heating costs.

Many of these changes to your heating and air conditioning services are so simple they won’t even affect your everyday comfort, but they’ll make a big difference when it comes to your bill!
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