Make Your Backyard Sparkle With Travertine Paving

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Are you looking for a way to both beautify your outdoor space AND make it more functional? Do you have a swimming pool that sees regular use? Are you sick of water making your lawn muddy and having it tracked into your house? Well luckily, there’s an easy fix for all that. Consider looking into pool decks, which can also be expanded into a regular outdoor deck or patio very easily. As an extra bonus to pool decks, they’re more than just practical. They can also add to your home’s value, provide a nice lounging or sunning area for the whole family, and can be aesthetically pleasing, making your backyard look a little more finished.
What Are The Benefits of Having a Deck in General?
Surprisingly, Financial
Research shows that adding a deck — either one meant for a pool or just attached to the back of the house in general — can add almost 75% return on investment. Either potential homebuyers will view it as an element that makes your house more attractive to them and the house might sell faster or it may just add overall dollars to your house’s monetary value when you put it on the market. Either way, it’s a great reason to consider adding a deck.
It makes no sense to have a pool and not have a deck. You need an area where you can dry off, get a little sun before diving in, and it can be a great hang out area for adults watching children or to just socialize on. If you have a grill, it’s also a great grilling space — something that more and more people (around 60%!) are doing year round, not just on Independence Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.
Cracking your favorite beer or opening a bottle of wine and laying out on your deck with a magazine or good book can be such a relaxing experience. It can be a great outdoor entertaining space for when you have friends or family over and can also make meals outdoors possible with greater ease.
What Materials Would Be Best To Use?
Many decks are made out of wood or a mix of wood and vinyl. You’ll often see redwood, cedar, or pine used. Using natural wood can be tough because it tends to splinter or crack if not treated properly. And although pressure treated wood is often a top choice for an above ground pool deck, it generally only lasts about 15 years — not optimal if you’re planning on staying in this home for awhile.
Travertine has recently become popular among pool deck pavers. It’s a type of limestone that is harvested from hot springs where it forms. For pool decks, travertine pavers are often a popular choice because of how it looks and its reasonable cheap price tag, as compared to other types of paving. It can come in colors like white, tan, brown, gold, and cream, is heat-resistant, and also absorbs water, meaning it’s harder to slip on.
Add a deck today and see for yourself what a difference it can make!

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