Modern Furniture Vintage or New?

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Do you like the look of mid-century furniture? Finding where to buy modern furniture isn’t difficult these days since there’s been somewhat of a modernist revival. But the question you must answer first is whether you want to buy vintage or purchase newly designed furniture in the modern tradition. Either way, a modern furniture store of one kind or the other is likely nearby.
In the worlds of art and design, modernism is thought to “embrace discontinuity” – in other words, it celebrates the unexpected, and tends to reject traditional, realist values. Another way of putting it is that a lot of modernist design is “unlikely” looking.In contrast, much of the modernist furniture is characterized by clean, simple and straight lines and similarly straightforward fabrics – this allows the art around the furniture to retain the upper hand.
If you enjoy a good project or simply thrive on celebrating the past, vintage modern furniture is probably your preference. But consider that those same designs are available in new, unused pieces that may have longer life and require no initial maintenance and suddenly, new modern furniture has tremendous appeal – especially since the vintage stuff is very pricey.
A good modern furniture store should offer you a range of eye-catching scenarios that not only promote the furniture designs, but entire room designs and schemes for the whole house. Depending on the range of the space you’re looking to fill, you may want to hire an interior designer – a top tier modern furniture store will have them in-house, ready to bring your space alive with exciting ideas.Still, there’s still plenty of room for modern furniture and ideals in your smaller living space if you’ve pared down, as many have in recent years.
Home furnishing sales did slide a bit after the market crash and overall downturn experienced starting in late 2008, but over the last two years they’ve picked up again. While high end contemporary furniture stores are by no means suddenly cheap, they’ve certainly become more affordable – you might be surprised at how prices have come down a bit to meet the times.

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