Modern Sytle Furniture and Your New Home

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You have closed on the house of your dreams. Now it is time to fill it up furniture and make it the envy of everyone in your social circle. Look into a variety of styles, including modern style furniture, to make your home stand out.

The furniture retail industry remains a very important aspect of the United States economy. Although sales of new home furnishings slowed after the housing market crash and ensuing recession in 2008, they have begun to trend upwards again in 2012. The United States furniture industry includes about 20,000 companies with a combined annual revenue of $50 billion. It is not hard to find the furniture you want. Large stores sell a modern and contemporary furniture. Smaller stores can offer vintage furniture for those looking for something different.

“Modern furniture” refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through today that is influenced by the modernist style. Modern home furniture is very open and raised off the floor allowing for an airy feeling. Molded plywood is popular with modern furniture designers, as well as polished material. Modern home furniture uses materials such as wood, leather and linen. The 20th century modernists’ approach to art, music, design and culture can be characterized as eschewing “evolution” (the smooth progress of history) in favor of “revolution.”

Furniture has played a key role in societies long before the debate between modern and contemporary furniture raged in American homes. The term “chairman” comes from the fact that only important personages were privileged enough to have chairs – everyone else used benches, stools or the floor. The ancient Egyptians made and used some of the earliest known tables, but there were little more than raised stone platforms to keep items (such as food) off the floor. Homes today are field with true contemporary furniture. Contemporary furniture designers use what is popular or used right now. The finishes on contemporary furniture can fir or cedar and stone.

No matter what type of furniture style you choose, you can make your home stand out. Whether your choose contemporary or modern style furniture, there are a variety of stores that can meet your needs. Check out different furniture styles and create your dream home.

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