New Clean Energy Alternatives

Reducing landfill

Many people today are concerned about the state of our environment. Also, there are many who are looking for clean energy alternatives. One of the most prevalent issues facing us today is the state of our landfills. We seem to be running out of room in which to dump our garbage. However, landfills are beginning to be used as a source of clean energy.

When gas collects in a landfill it causes pressure. This gas is created through the breakdown of waste due to chemical reactions and microbes. This pressurized gas is released into the atmosphere and causing damage to the environment. However, a new clean energy option is using this gas as a new energy alternative.

Landfill gas collection is the process of gathering, processing, and treating methane gas created by the decomposing garbage. Tools are used to monitor the level of methane gas present in a landfill for hygiene, safety, and gas collection purposes. Interestingly, this new source of clean energy relies on having more garbage in the landfills. The more waste that is dumped into a landfill, the more gas that can be turned into a renewable clean energy source.

There are also other sources of clean energy alternatives. One such option is using solar power to run homes and businesses, rather than fossil fuel sources. Solar energy as a clean energy alternative is becoming very reliable and affordable. These systems can be used to create electricity that can be used in the average home.

Wind power is also being harnessed as a clean energy sources. There are many places throughout the United States where large wind turbines have been installed. These turbines spin with the wind, and then creates electricity that can be sent to homes and businesses.

While these new clean energy sources may not be as widely used as they could be, it is safe to say that technology is helping use find new clean energy sources. As they become more affordable and more accessible, you will soon see a positive aspect happening to the environment. We will be breathing cleaner air, seeing utility bills that are reduced and much more.
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