New Metal Shingles Could Transform the Look of Your Home, Contractors Anticipate High Demand

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One of the best parts of any vacation is taking a drive — or a walk — around town, looking at local architecture, having lunch, and shopping for souvenirs. Residential and commercial design can vary widely from state to state, as can paint colors, roofing choices, and landscaping. A small town in the desert may feature houses that are white or brightly colored, while homes close to large cities may have a more muted color palette.

Copper roofing is often used as an accent on residential homes, while some commercial roofing projects opt for full coverage panels. Many churches and state capitol buildings have installed copper domes in the last decade. Copper roofs have actually been manufactured and installed in America for over 200 years, and the attractive patina they develop after about a decade can go a long way toward enhancing a property’s value.

Some owners are opting for metal roof replacement in steel or aluminum, citing high heat reflection and durability. Properties close to salt water may want to avoid galvanized steel; experts cite the possibility of eventual corrosion. Disaster relief authorities recommend metal roofs for areas of the country with extreme weather: a metal roofing system can have an “uplift rating” of over 150 mph.

Commercial roofing contractors note that metal roofs are designed
to repel snow and ice, and that reflective metal may lower internal temperatures by more than 10 degrees. Metal shingles come in a variety of colors and can help property owners preserve the design scheme of a historical home; shingles can mimic clay adobe roof tiles, wooden “cedar shake” tiles, and stone or slate tiles.

Metal roof repair and replacement can also be combined with solar panel installation; tax incentives are often available, and solar panels can also help reduce a home’s energy costs. Since metal roofs usually contain a high percentage of recycled aluminum, steel, or copper, the possibility of a synergistic relationship in the marketplace is high. Owners may find themselves able to see both history and possibility in their new recycled metal roofs.

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