Roof Reveal Why Caring For Your Roofing Is Crucial

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When you look good you feel good. And the same goes for your home. A good-looking home is a pleasure to live in. While the exterior of a house is often a site of investment — everything from landscaping to paint color — many Americans may not consider the role that residential roofing can play in the aesthetic of your home. Close to 90% of homeowners from across the United States believe that the exterior of their home is one entity rather than a collection of individual components and it is thus easy to overlook the need to consider your roof when assessing the outside look and feel of your home.

For most homeowners durability tops the list of factors that drive roof choice; this is followed closely by longevity, which is a deciding factor for 83% of survey respondents. A large number (72%) also consider the need for little or no maintenance to be crucial in their choice of roofing material for roof repair or replacement. Restrictions on color palettes put in place by housing associations or as a result of historic building requirements may put on damper on choices for up to one-third of American homeowners. Despite this, there are a range of options. Metal roofs, often overlook, for example, are available in over 100 colors to suit all requirements and there are at least 15 asphalt color options, too.

Housing maintenance scubas residential roofing repair can rack up fees totaling about 1 to 4% of the total house value cost annually, representing a significant cost to the homeowner. An asphalt roof, for example needs to be reroofed every 12 to 20 years; most residential roofing in the U.S is 17 years old when it is replaced. Metal roofs, on the other hands, can last 50 to 100 years depending on the type of metal and the care taken during its lifetime.

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