Save Your Lawn and Go Organic

Organic lawn care products

In the United States maintaining a healthy lawn and a well manicured lawn is incredibly important. You will always see people out taking care of their lawns by mowing, laying grass seed, weeding, or laying pesticides. The problem that many people have is how to grow a healthy lawn and also how to maintain a healthy lawn and how to keep a healthy lawn looking its best for as long as possible. There are some natural lawn care tips and the main one is to hire organic lawn care services.

Organic lawn care services will come and take care of your lawn using green materials that are healthy for the environment. Using organic lawn care services will help reduce the amount of possible dangerous chemicals that are leaked into the environment.
Organic lawns usually do not use as much fungicide as lawns treated with chemical fertilizers and products. Organic lawn care services use organic fertilizer. It is made from all natural products which makes it safe for people and pets. Organic lawn care treatments can release phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium slowly. This allows the roots to grow in a healthier and thriving way. Organic lawn care services use products that allow the soil to retain moisture longer, which promotes a healthier and greener lawn.

Some facts on lawn care:

* Five trillion is spent on fertilizers that come from fossil fuels for U.S. lawns
* Research states a 50’x 50′ backyard produces oxygen for a family of four
* Eight healthy lawns have a cooling effect of 70 tons of a/c – enough for 16 homes
* An estimated $74 billion dollars of revenue was made by the U.S. landscaping industry
* 60% of nitrogen in commercial fertilizers ends up being washed away and causes pollution Get more on this here.

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