Selling Your Home? Read The Facts Agents Don’t Want You to Know

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Are you a senior citizen? Are you considering selling your home and moving into an assisted living facility or retirement community? Do you want a better understanding of your options and the potential costs of making your move? Here is some helpful information to help make your transition easier.

Selling Your Home With the Traditional Route

Traditionally, sellers contact a real estate agent and are forced to sit and wait until they hopefully receive good news. If you sell through an agent, the commissions that they take could run as high as 6% of the total selling price of your home. On average, selling through a broker reduces the price of your home around another 6%, as the broker is more inclined to take the first decent offer so they can move on to the next home and the next commission. Great for the broker, however, that could be tens of thousands out of your pocket.

The Facts on Home Staging

Many sellers are encouraged to use a home staging service to help aid in the selling process. According to the 2012 HomeGain survey of 500 real estate professionals, staging was considered the fifth best thing you could do as a seller to add value to the property. The survey estimated found that on average, sellers spent close to $800 on those staging services. If you’re considering renovating before you move, the survey found that many investments did not receive a 100% return on investment, yielding them useless.

Selling Your Home Your Way.. Real Estate Bought for Cash

The For Sale By Owner market accounts for 13% of home sales today. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, there are many investors that buy houses for cash. This option can save you time, and potentially thousands when compared to the high fees of a real estate broker. If you need to sell your home quickly, this may very well be the best option for you. If you’re ready to move and are considering renting a home, selling your house for cash can help facilitate that process quickly and without the hassle of the real estate agent. Real estate bought for cash is usually renovated so your home will be there for generations.

If you are strong, independent, and well aware of the value of your home, negotiating directly with home investors could be the right route for you. By handling this process yourself, you will save on commission, avoid the agents need to move your home for the first offer, and get your cash quickly, allowing you to move on to the next stage of your life. If you are looking to sell home, and are interested in pursuing this option, there are many resources available to you. Selling your house fast is a real possibility. Real estate bought for cash is a growing market. Research local home investors in your area today!

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