Should I Install a Metal Roof on My Home in Wisconsin?

Commercial roofing

The roofing contractor tries to break the news to the church facilities director as gently as possible. The church facilities director tried to be just as gentle with the pastors, and the pastors did the same when they made the announcement at the next church council meeting. No matter how kindly the news was spoken, however, the news was bad. Most of the entire roof of the 48 year old church would need to be replaced. And, unfortunately, no part of the repair was going to be covered by any warranty. The roof had simply not held up as expected, but it had outlasted the original warranty.
Like many building and home property owners in the past, the church would need to go through the process of getting bids from their initial roofing contractor, and then compare that bid to ones submitted by other commercial roofing companies.
If you find yourself looking at roofing repair or replacement options, it is important that you do your own regional research, as well as research the bids presented by roofing contractors. While one contractor may recommend metal roofing, another may recommend the installation of some of the newest composite roofing materials. Both contractors, of course, may try to convince you that their option is the only real option. But how do you know which roofing contractor to listen to?
The bottom line is, many roofing decisions come down to subdivision or retail space roofing codes and the regional weather. For example, in one neighborhood in the Midwest, the homes in the neighborhood that had of values of at least $300,000 were required to have shake shingles. Although the shake wooden shingles looked great when they were first installed, many residents in the subdivision were unhappy with the dingy grey color the shingles turned as they aged. The residents were even less happy about the silverfish bugs that were attracted to this high heat producing shingle.
Despite their complaints, however, it was initially impossible to get the housing code changed. Luckily, immediately following a major hailstorm that tore its way through the neighborhood, the governing board finally changed the code regulating roofing choices. A new composite shingle that was available in several neutral colors was now allowed, and residents could use their insurance money to upgrade the roof replacements.
In some areas of the country, a metal roof that would rarely be seen on houses in other places, is simply the best option. Areas with large snow falls tend to be the same areas where metal roof choices are incredibly popular, and sometimes required. Metal roofs, which basically come in steel or aluminum, are a low maintenance choice that often come with warranties that last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Both the vertical panels and interlocking shingles, because of their smooth surface, encourage heavy snow to more quickly slide off, eliminating dangerous roof weight.
Where are you in the roofing process? If you are an owner who needs to look at replacement or repair options, make sure that you consider subdivision codes, maintenance, and the best roofing choices for your region.

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