Should You Install a Flat Roof?

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If you’re considering a flat roof for your home or business instead of a traditional sloped roof, it’s important to know the details of their care and maintenance before you invest.

Flat roofs consist of an under layer and top coat, and sealing them together properly is crucial to the roof’s integrity. Flat roof coating ranges in material, from asphalt to modified bitumen to synthetic rubber, and all of these need to be checked regularly to prevent leaks.

Flat roof types have several advantages. They’re easier to climb up and inspect, with more stability than sloped roofs. They give homeowners a chance to use space effectively, rather than leaving a sloping area or crawlspace that can’t be fully utilized. It also has a unique architectural appeal and allows for the placement of solar panels.

Flat roofs can also be fashioned into roof gardens or barbecue areas for outdoorsy homeowners. They’re especially popular in areas where space is limited and houses are crammed together. Restaurants often use flat roofs to provide outdoor seating space, and sometimes enclosed living areas can be added on flat roofs.

Flat roof types are cheaper to install and re-coat later, but they also have to be re-coated more often. In fact, flat roofs can need to be replaced much quicker than sloped roofs if they aren’t treated more carefully, resulting in a more expensive roofing repair than just installing a sloped roof.

Cooler climates with heavy precipitation might not be ideal for flat roof types, especially since they have trouble holding up to the weight of snow or heavy rain. Dry climates are much healthier flat roof options, though they still need to be maintained properly. Making sure you have efficient flat roof drainage is also important.

Remember, flat roofs are a cheaper option in the short term, but they can be expensive to repair if they aren’t cared for properly. Give careful thought to your roofing style decision before you start any major roofing work. Find out more at this site.

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