Step by Step Guide to DIY Convertible Top Repair – Your Oil

hino glue, suction clamps for windows rubber gloves, latex, and isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning your hands is the most important thing. You’ll want to make sure you use gloves to keep your hands free of any remnants of rhino glue. Another step is to place the glue in the desired location. Rhino glue might not be the right substance for every job, but it’s great on vinyl. Also, it has great reviews on Amazon. The glue must be put between the edges of the mirror and the vinyl’s bottom.

The final procedure is to secure the clamps to your windows and vinyl. They will suction the window, and then lift it up while pressing it down onto the vinyl. Place the clamp onto the window, and then push down on it to ensure it is secure. Place 6 clamps on each side of the window and allow them to rest overnight. After that, take them off and look over the place.

Your top is now put on using just a handful of tools. If you aren’t equipped with the tools you need, follow on the link provided in the description of the video.


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