Taking Care of Your Pipes

Plumbing leak detection

The quality of your water is almost as important as having a roof over your head and food on your table. Healthy, reliable drinking water is a necessity of modern life — and therefore, so is fast, reliable plumbing services at every stage in the life of your system, from installation to maintenance to repairs or overhauls.

From the Ground Up
If you’re building a new home and having brand new septic and plumbing systems installed, be sure you have professionals on-hand to either give you advice or to simply do the work for you. There may be several online DIY videos for drilling a water well, but A) drilling a water well is not as easy as some would have you think, and B) no amount of YouTube bandwidth can ever replace experience and the right equipment — both of which your local plumbing service has in spades. They’ll be able to tell you right away to place your septic tank at least a hundred feet away from any trees, in order to avoid having roots puncture the tank itself. They can also recommend the right materials and methods for your particular density of soil.

The Day-to-Day Grind
Once your system is installed, however, it should never be taken for granted. The choices you make every day can drastically alter the effectiveness of your septic tank over time. For instance, if you own a garbage disposal, you’re likely doubling the amount of solid food waste your tank has to hold. And if you’re flushing anything down the toilet that isn’t human waste or toilet paper, you’re just begging for a clogged system. Similarly, frequent use of heavy-duty cleaning solvents can alter the bacterial make-up of your tank, making it less able to break down whatever solid materials it encounters.

When Changes Must Be Made
You can’t avoid every accident and you certainly can’t stop the passage of time — chances are good that no matter how diligently you care for your plumbing system, you’ll need the help of a plumber at some point in the life of your pipes. So it pays to be prepared, financially speaking. The average septic tank repair job in the U.S. costs just over $1,700, and if you need new pipes altogether, it’s another $2,300. You can also replace an efficient system with a newer model, or even upgrade to more eco-friendly options.

Whether you’re overhauling your entire system, drilling a water well, or simply having some cleaning done, don’t trust your plumbing to anyone but the pros. And don’t wait until you’re sure there’s a problem — residential plumbing leak detection services can help you spot issues before they become full-blown problems, so you can run the faucet and flush the toilet without worrying.

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