The Basics You Should Know When Living Without Public Water

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If things like “water well sealing” and “basement sump pump installation” have you scratching your head, it could be important to brush up on some of the basic information pertinent to living in a residence without public water. Today, more than 15 million households in the United States rely on private wells to get their water. Here is some basic well and sump pump information for people who are moving to a property with a well for the first time or building a home which will need well drilling services.

What You Should Know About Well Digging Services

Wells are actually an ancient system for getting water to homes. Until the past century, all wells were dug by hand. However, nowadays most wells are installed by a complex drilling rig. This expensive equipment will likely arrive at the site mounted on a large truck. As wells can be drilled to depths greater than 1,000 feet, usually the drill has to cut through rock in addition to soil. A rotary drill bit is used to cut away at rock underground, while percussion bits are also used to smash rock. For digging wells in softer ground, large auger bits are used to clear through the earth.

What You Should Know About Sump Pump Installation

Water pumps are adept at pumping water up to hundreds of feet, however, they do not typically have the strength to pump water that is below the pump by over 30 feet. For this reason, in order to pump out water from a basement, a sump pump is used. A sump pump is an electronic pump placed underground to help remove excess water from a home’s basement. If you notice that groundwater is accumulating in your basement, sump pump installation is the best way to combat this expensive issue.

What You Should Know About Well Maintenance

Living on a well comes with the responsibility to ensure that the groundwater is not contaminated. This usually means you will have to be strategic when doing renovations to the exterior of your home or landscaping your yard. For example, care should be taken to make sure that trees are planted a safe distance from the well so the roots will not rupture the well.

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