The Benefits of Luxury Landscape Design

Professional landscape design

Have you recently moved into a new home? Are you considering an overhaul of your yard
and garden and want expert planning that a professional landscaping design company can provide? There are Delaware landscapers in Wilmington, Greenville, Hockessin, and hardscaping and professional landscape designers in most cities in Delaware, and throughout the country, that offer luxury landscape design.

What is luxury landscape design? Luxury landscape design includes multiple professional home and landscape design elements including hardscapes construction, high end landscape lighting, and sustainable landscape design. Borsello Landscaping is one Delaware landscaping company that does luxury landscape design in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. They are professional landscape designers that create custom environments blending hardscape and landscape, indigenous vegetation, knowledge of weather and climate, and color and fragrances, to please all aesthetic sensibilites and tastes. Other elements of luxury landscape design include ponds and water gardens, walkways, patios, stone masonry, irrigation, decking, garden spas, outdoor kitchens and more.

You may want to invest in luxury landscape design for aestheic reasons, but there are sound ecological and financial reasons for strategic landscape planning and design. Plants that a properly placed in your yard can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20%. Air conditioners that are shaded by trees can show a 10% increase in efficiency. A well landscaped property can increase the value of your house by 14%.

Whether or not you opt for luxury landscape design, professional landscapers can educate you on lawn and garden care so your plants flourish to their optimum levels of health and beauty. Lush lawns need nitrogen for nourishment, about 3-4 pounds per one thousand square feet. Nitrogen should be applied several times during the growing season. Plants should be grouped according to their watering needs. You may have to move plants to match them for maximum watering benefits.

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