The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Floors versus Carpeting

How to refinish hardwood floors

Deciding which type of flooring to install when re-doing a room can be a difficult decision. Taking into account these pros and cons of hardwood floors and carpeting can help you to decide.

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are friendly to the environment as they can be recycled into new materials. There are many different types of hardwood floors that are considered environmentally friendly. The United States Green Building Council’s LEED program encourages people to install bamboo flooring, as it is a source that is rapidly renewable. Hardwood floors last much longer than carpeting so if you have the extra money to spend on hardwood floors, it may prove to be more economical in the long run. Hardwoods resist and hide stains much better than carpeting does and might be the better option for those with children, pets, or butter fingers. When cleaning hardwood floors, it’s best to purchase a vacuum for hardwood floors. Many of these vacuums also offer a steam option that will help them to last even longer.

The cost of hardwood floors is more than that of carpeting, however, since they last longer it may be the more economical choice. While hardwoods hide stains better than carpeting, they show dust and dirt much easier. They will most likely need to be cleaned more than carpet. Installing hardwood floors can be much more difficult than carpeting, even if you don’t know how to install a carpet. If you are looking to install the flooring on your own, it’s easier to research how to install a carpet than it is for how to install hardwoods. The sanding and refinishing of hardwood flooring can be tedious and is not recommended doing yourself.

New carpeting is far less expensive than hardwood flooring per square foot. It is also faster and easier to install and even if you do not know how to install a carpet, can be easy to figure out on your own. Carpeting hides dirt much easier than hardwood floors so it does not need vacuuming as often. Carpets also muffle sounds more than hardwood flooring so if you already have creaky floors, it might be best to opt for carpeting over hardwoods.
While carpeting is less expensive than hardwoods, it tends to not last as long so depending on your budget; it might be best to opt for hardwoods. Carpeting does hide dirt better than hardwood flooring, however, stains are much harder to get out. There are many eco-friendly options when it comes to hardwood floors, but unfortunately there are not as many when it comes to carpeting.

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