The Top 3 Types Of Flooring For Your Home

Hardwood flooring installation

Deciding to put down new flooring in your home can be intimidating. For one thing, it?s a hefty investment that make or break your home?s value. For another, for most people, flooring is something that you?ll live with for years ? you can?t simply replace flooring that you don?t like. So choosing the correct flooring for the correct space is vital to your having the home you want. What are your options, and what?s best for your needs? Read below to find out.

1. Hardwood Flooring

According to a Houzz survey, hardwood flooring covers 34% of floors in survey participants? homes. Why? What makes hardwood flooring so popular? For one thing, hardwood floor types are diverse and versatile, with many different textures and color shades available. You can even choose from different wood floor patterns. There are several benefits of hardwood installation; for one thing, many find that hardwood floors are easier to clean, with any dust or pet hair being quite visible and simple enough to sweep. For another, unlike carpets, hardwood floors are not easy to stain. Spills can be mopped up, or in the cases of small spills even wiped away with a rag or paper towel. The effort for upkeep is minimal, and the look is beautiful. It?s no wonder that 47% of those surveyed prefer hardwood flooring in their homes.

2. Carpet Flooring

Another Houzz survey reports that 38% of participants indicate that they plan on carpeting their bedrooms. Aside from hardwood flooring, carpet is one of the most popular flooring option available. For one thing, carpet is seen as not only comfortable but pleasing to the eye, with more color options available for adventurous homeowners. It?s seen as a particularly cozy option for bedrooms. Another benefit of carpeting is that, unlike hardwood flooring, it can be removed in a fairly simply process without destroying the original floor underneath. That way, if you decide that carpet isn?t for you, you are by no means forced to settle on another type of flooring.

3. Tile Flooring

It should come as no surprise that tile is a popular flooring choice among many homeowners. For one thing, it?s often seen as quite beautiful, coming in many different styles and colors. Tile is particularly welcome in kitchens and bathrooms, where their bright appearance is seen as clean and cheerful. Yes ? tile is quite easy to clean and maintain, needing little more than a broom and mop and occasional grout cleaning. Perhaps the best thing about tile, however, is the fact that its damages ? while rare ? are far easier to fix than those that occur with hardwood flooring. A broken tile simply needs to be replaced with a new one, and you move on!

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