The Top Three Markers in the History of Modern Toilet Innovation

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The toilet may seem like a fairly standard innovation, but it hasn’t always been the way it is today. Here are some innovations and important points in the toilet’s history that might be interesting to note:

1. 1907 Saw a Vortex of Progress

For a long time, toilets consisted of either a hole in the ground at worst and plumbing based off of a fluid assisted vertical drop at best. Even the best of commercial toilets made in the USA fell into these categories. In 1907, however, toilet technology took a huge leap toward becoming more like the modern toilets made in the USA today. In 1907, Thomas MacAvity Stewart patented the vortex flushing styled toilet bowl which does a lot to clean the bowl with every flush, keeping your toilet cleaner and saving you the work of doing so.

2. Toilets Progressed in Leaps and Flushes

Toilets have only become more and more efficient as the 1900s ground onward. By the end of the 60s, toilets had improved to flushing with five and a half gallons of water versus their old seven. In the eighties, only three and a half gallons were needed. Now’a’days, a toilet can get away with using almost as little as one and a half gallons in the United States.

3. But Where Do We Go Now?

Technology only improves as time goes on, it is true, but for now it seems like progress has slowed a bit. In place of actual technological innovation, the toilet has seen innovation in its usage. A chain of Taiwanese restaurants known as Modern Toilet use (thankfully clean and nonfunctioning) toilets as chairs and bowls. Even when their efficiency and utility couldn’t be improved with technology, it was done with innovation. What do you think of the toilet‘s journey?

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