They’re At It Again! (More Bungled Break-Ins)

Commercial windows and doors

We’re back with another installment of crazy burglar stories that will make you want to invest in some new steel windows and doors. (Steel doors and steel windows can help protect you against a home intrusion, which occur once every 13 seconds, with 30% due to unlocked residential windows and residential doors.)

Ho ho hold the phone… – A young man attempting to break in to a Los Angeles house was found stuck in the chimney. When confronted by the police, he claimed that he had been doing some work on the house. Likely story!

I knew there was something else. – While conducting a stick-up at a local bank, a young Detroit man commanded that the teller “hurry up!” But she couldn’t wait to point out that he’d forgotten to bring a bag to put the money in. Embarrassed and frazzled, he left empty handed.

You don’t understand, it couldn’t have been me! – When a man in Belgium was accused of robbing a jewelry store, he asserted that there was no possible way it could have been him. Why? Because he’d been breaking into a school at that time. He was then arrested for breaking into the school.

What a getaway. – When two men attempted to pull the front panel off of an ATM using a chain attached to the bumper of their truck, the chain yanked the bumper off instead. Panicked, they drove away and didn’t think to reclaim their bumper, which still had their license plate attached. Good thinking, fellas.

Who’s in charge here? – After a successful home robbery in the DC area, the robber panicked when he realized that he’d left his phone in the burgled house. The best part? He forgot it because he’d plugged it in to charge.

If you’re worried about silly break-ins like these, look into how steel doors can protect your home.

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