Things to Consider About Marble

Natural stone backsplash

Choosing natural stone products for the home is an investment not to be taken lightly. The cost isn’t cheap, even if you go with a less expensive surface, and you’ll be living with the finished result for years to come. Whether you decide on using limestone rock, granite tiles or white Italian marble, be sure that you’re fond of the look it will give the space and know how to properly clean the surface to help make it last.
Italian marble flooring has grown in popularity as a sign of status and elegance. Many celebrities have used it in their mansion homes, and it’s imported nature adds to the mystique. Here are some noted precautions to take if you decide to go with the greater expense of Italian marble flooring, especially if you’re attempting a DIY installation.
Precautions for Working with Marble Stone

  • It’s better to avoid using larger pieces of marble; try and stick to a safety limit of four square feet. Anything larger will require additional reinforcement and will complicate the process.
  • For edges, such as on counters and when going around stairs, opt for a double stone thickness.
  • Top edges should be blunted, either with a half-round or by tapering, to ensure against chipping.
  • Be certain that the marble stone you’re using is properly leveled, otherwise is carries a greater risk for cracking.
  • It’s best to avoid choosing marble — including Italian marble flooring — in heavy traffic and/or potentially wet areas: bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies. This is especially concerning if the stone installation is coming at great expense to you. If money isn’t as much of a concern, then marble damaged from repeated moisture exposure can be replaced.
  • Colored liquids, such as teas, coffees, and sodas, can absorb into softer stones like marble when left for extended periods; once this happens, even grinding does not completely remove the damage/staining.
  • While this information may seem basic to some, you’d be surprised the number of folks that go ahead and choose a stone for an interior area of their home and don’t understand the subtle differences between the various kinds. Keeping these issues in mind will help preserve the life and overall look of your marble.


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