Three Air Conditioning Symptoms That Could Indicate an Emergency

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On the hottest day of the year, you’re stuck inside, relying on your air conditioning for a respite from the harshness of the elements.

And then your air conditioner breaks down.

It’s a scenario that happens to millions of Americans every year, forcing them to wait in the heat as they seek out an emergency air conditioning repair. With summer just around the corner, you absolutely don’t want to be stuck in this position — so it’s necessary to know the warning signs that your air conditioner needs work!

Could you be needing an emergency air conditioning repair but not even realize it</a>? To keep your air conditioner working at its optimal level all summer long, keep an eye out for these air conditioning symptoms that could indicate a problem:

Abnormal and excessive noise

When an air conditioner is working properly, it should be making no noise at all — these appliances are designed to run as quietly and efficiently as they possibly can. So if you’re hearing clanging, rattling or other noises coming from your air conditioning unit, it’s a sign something is wrong. The system’s motor might be going, or there may be parts loose.

Reduced airflow

If you’re changing your air filters as frequently as recommended and you’re still experiencing weak or slow air flow, it’s time to call in a professional heating and cooling contractor. Your unit’s blower is likely experiencing a problem that should be repaired to avoid an emergency.

Odd smells emanating from the air conditioner

Noticing acrid, unpleasant smells coming from the air your air conditioner blows out? If the smell is acrid or burning, it may mean the motor is close to failing; there might also be dirt or dust along the evaporator coil that’s causing the smell. Either way, you’ll want to call in a professional to get your air conditioner working as well as it should.

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