Three Common Air Conditioning Problems — and How to Fix Them


Air conditioning is used by about two-thirds of Americans as a way to keep our homes comfortable and cool during the summer months. We rely on air conditioners so much that it’s almost shocking when our air conditioners don’t function properly.

And an air conditioner that fails to work isn’t just bothersome when you’re trying to stay cool; it’s estimated that 35% of home structure fires are caused by poorly-maintained or faulty air conditioning equipment.

Because of this, it’s important to take action as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your home’s air conditioning system. You might not even need to hire an air conditioning repair company, in some cases — here’s a guide to troubleshooting the three most common air conditioning problems:

Your air condenser isn’t running

If you notice that your air conditioning system’s condenser isn’t running, you should check to see if the unit itself is actually plugged in. If it is, you may be dealing with a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, so it’s a good idea to turn the unit on, then off again. Another potential cause is that your thermostat is set at too high a temperature — try lowering the temperature by five degrees.

Your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home

If your air conditioner is blowing air that doesn’t feel cool, it might mean your evaporator is dirty. Clean the evaporator carefully and let it run for a few hours before checking back. If the air still doesn’t feel cool, you might need to seek out an air conditioner repair.

Your air unit frequently shuts on and off

When an air unit repeatedly turns on and off, it means your condenser unit is likely dirty or blocked. Additionally, your unit’s evaporator could be dirty, as well. This problem can be fixed with a simple, thorough cleaning of all the aforementioned parts.

Know of any other common problems that require air conditioning repairs? Have any questions about seeking out air conditioning services? Get the conversation going in the comments below.

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