Three Essential Questions to Ask That Will Help You Find the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

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One of the things people are most concerned with in their homes is cleanliness. The problem is that when you have a nine to five, a couple of kids, and an active social life, cleaning your home can get put on the back burner. One of the dirtiest parts of your home is unfortunately also one of the most overlooked — your carpet. According to Men’s Health, your carpet is even dirtier than your toilet seat, by about 4,000 times. If you’ve decided to look for professional carpet cleaning companies to take care of it for you, here are three questions you need to ask them.

Is your company insured?
You should always ask a potential cleaning company if they are insured. Accidents can happen, and you don’t want to suffer any kind of losses after a company comes in to clean, especially if they are liable for it.

What types of cleaning products do you use?
You should also make sure to ask carpet cleaning services what kinds of products they plan to use for cleaning your carpets. If you have small children or pets that spend a lot of time on the floor, you don’t want them to use caustic or toxic chemicals that could make them sick. If you have delicate rugs or specialty carpeting, harsh chemicals could damage the fibers, which you’ll also want to avoid.

How much do you charge?
This is an obvious one, but people often forget to ask about pricing when they’re choosing between carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning service rates are usually dependent on the square footage of the area of carpet you want cleaned, so make sure you measure ahead of time.

Once you’ve asked all of these questions, compare their answers to find the right company for you. Keep in mind which is most important. Maybe you’re looking for a cheap cleaning, or you’re worried about the effect on the kids’ health, or you have an expensive rug that really ties the room together. Make your decision based on that. For more information, read this website.

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