Three Reasons Not to Wait to Take Care of Your Mold Problem

Black mold health risks

Did you know that, according to Mercola, an estimated 25% of American homes are infested with black mold? Black mold health effects are so severe that if you find, after a black mold inspection, that you have a problem, you need to have it taken care of immediately. Not buying it? Here are three common black mold health risks that show why you shouldn’t wait around to have a professional mold removal service come in and handle your problem.

Three Black Mold Health Risks

  1. Sudden Onset Asthma
  2. As the National Capital Poison Center points out, one of the most dangerous black mold health risks is the sudden development of asthma. If you got along however many years without ever having to worry about asthma attacks, but you suddenly have a hard time breathing during prolonged aerobic activity, that’s a pretty good sign you have a mold problem in your home.

  3. Drastic Weight Loss
  4. Just as emphysema caused by smoking can make it increasingly difficult for your lungs to pull in oxygen — thereby causing drastic weight loss as your caloric needs skyrocket — so, too, can prolonged exposure to black mold damage your lungs to the point where your body burns a lot of energy just to breathe. In these situations, you will also suddenly notice a rather severe drop in your weight, as the Mold Geek writes.

  5. Allergy-Like Symptoms
  6. Of all black mold health risks, allergy-like symptoms are both the mildest and the most common. Unless the mold infestation in your home is widespread, you may only notice this issue when you’re in certain parts of your house. Headaches, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and itchy eyes are all extremely common symptoms here.

Have you ever suffered any symptoms of black mold infestation before? Tell us about it in the comments below. Continue reading here.

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