Three Reasons Your Lawn Should ‘Go Green’ with a Pesticide Free Lawn Service

Pesticide free lawn service

When it comes to caring for a lawn, most people know the basics: mow it, weed it, plant some flowers and shrubs to beautify it. But lawncare is about a lot more than simple care for a yard and garden. There are other factors that determine the way your lawn can look, and if you’ve used conventional lawncare products, you may be doing more harm than good.

However, there are other options out there beyond your typical chemical weed and pest killers. Pesticide free lawn services that use organic lawncare treatments are becoming more and more popular as homeowners look for ways to “go green.” If you’re in need of an environmentally-friendly lawncare treatment, here are three reasons why it may be time to switch to a pesticide free lawn service:

    1. Safer pesticides: Using chemical pesticides is dangerous for humans and their pets — despite the fact that those chemicals are only being sprayed outside. It’s easy to track chemicals indoors on shoes or even bare feet, even after it’s “safe” to walk on the lawn. If you want something that’s safe for the whole family, it may be time to make the switch to green lawncare.

    2. Ecological benefits: One thing that many people don’t realize about chemical lawn treatments is that they can have a seriously negative impact on the soil. Chemicals can seep into groundwater, which causes problems for your whole community; in fact, the average lawn sees about 10 times as many chemicals concentrated to one area as typical farmland in the United States does. And some of the “pests” in lawns are actually necessary for soil health. Earthworms, for instance, are beneficial to soil because they help to aerate lawns, yet many chemicals will kill them off.

    3. Great results: So far, there is no evidence that chemical lawncare services do a better job than pesticide free lawn services. In fact, because of the improvement in soil quality, they may even be better for you. Getting a free home estimate on your lawncare can help you make the decision of what’s best for your lawn.

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