Three Signs That You’re Viewing a Miami Luxury Home

Luxury miami condos

According to World Property Channel, Miami’s residential property market continues to experience rising sales, due to steadily increasing demand from other domestic and foreign buyers.

Not surprisingly, Miami luxury condos are selling well. Several celebrities enjoy living in luxury waterfront properties in this area, including Billy Joel, Alex Rodriguez, Rosie O’Donnell, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Matt Damon.

While there are many properties available, not all are alike. Here are three top home design trends among South Beach luxury condos. These are the additions that many people, not just celebrities, are choosing to add to their homes. These “extras,” after all, are part of what distinguish an ordinary home from a luxury one!

1. Various Waterworks

Some may opt for an inground pool, while others go for a hot tub — either way, water features make a frequent appearance in luxury homes. Fountains can often be seen in either a courtyard or pool area. Hot tubs are great for homeowners who like to entertain friends and family throughout the year; they can be a relaxing way to fight off the nighttime chills during winter.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

According to the National Association of Home Builders, outdoor kitchens are one of the top 10 additions for upscale homes. These kitchens aren’t just a grill and a sink plunked on the patio — they’re professionally installed, often with natural stone countertops and waterproofed cabinetry. They allow families to create tasty food completely outdoors, in a well-designed and beautiful setting. Wet bars, pizza ovens and refrigerators are popular additions to the outdoor kitchens of new luxury condos.

3. Instead of a Bathroom, a Wet Room

Upscale bathrooms with wet rooms in Miami luxury condos are a more immersive experience. Built to be well-ventilated so that mold and mildew isn’t any more likely to form, these shower areas include benches for sitting, uniquely paneled walls, and multiple showerheads. There is no separate shower tray for pooling water — instead, the room is designed to have a slope so that water doesn’t puddle. The lack of space separation creates the feeling of a more open environment. Sustainable food flooring for these bathrooms is also something being seen more and more frequently.

New luxury condos may have the amenities that many home buyers are searching for. What sort of additions are you hoping to see in the homes you visit? Let us know in the comments. More like this article:

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