Three Surprising Benefits of Designing Your Own Custom Home

Custom home plans cincinnati

Most people point to the ability to choose design elements, appliances and custom floor plans for new homes as main reasons to invest in custom home building, but there are even more advantages that you may not realize until you talk to custom home builders about your options. Here are just a few:


    Custom floor plans for new homes don’t just give you the artistic freedom to design your own life, they also let you create a home that’s best for every member of your family. Many custom floor plans for new homes are designed with accessibility in mind. You can choose a sprawling one-story ranch with wide hallways and railings, or a more contained floor plan so everything is easy to get to. Designing your floor plan with accessibility in mind is a great way to make sure everyone can enjoy your home, especially as your family ages.

    Green Options

    It’s easy for custom home designs to incorporate elements of green building for the environmentally-conscious homeowner, and your up front cost will usually be the same or a bit higher. An impressive 92% of homeowners who built or purchased houses in the last three years designed to the National Green Building Standard would purchase another green home, and 55% knew their home may have cost more than a non-green counterpart but believed that the benefits outweighed the cost.

    Energy Efficiency

    Even custom homes that aren’t built with green energy in mind can save you money on utilities. Owners of new homes spent 65 cents per square foot on electricity per year, and owners of older homes spent 78 cents per square foot. Owners of older homes also spent 53 cents per square foot on piped gas each year, while owners of new homes spent 38 cents per square foot. Even routine maintenance expenses were cheaper for owners of new homes. Only 11% spent $100 or more per month on different upkeep costs, compared to 26% of all homeowners.

Talk to a home builder today and see how building a custom home could benefit you! Find more on this topic here.

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