Three Things You Need to Know About Your Fencing Options

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There comes a time in many homeowners’ lives when it becomes apparent that a fence is needed. “I don’t believe in using fences,” someone will say adamantly — until they get a pool and they are legally required to have one. For most people, that is the reality of having a fence: it’s about what the fence can do for them, whether it’s keeping children out of a pool area, or keeping pet dogs in. Are you interested in installing a fence in your backyard, but not sure where to start? Here are a few questions people often have, and what you should know.

1. If I Want a Wood Fence, What’s the Ideal Wood?

Wooden fences are a more classic choice for backyards, popular because of their aesthetic appeal as well as the wide variety of styles available, whether it’s the painted white picket or tall cedar. In general, cedar is a good choice because the acids and oils naturally found in the wood make it undesirable to the majority of insects and fungi. Pine and whitewood are also, by comparison, more likely to warp than cedar.

2. Can I Install a Fence Myself?

Is it possible to install a fence by yourself? Yes. Is it advisable? Not always. Installing your fence in the correct way allows you to ensure that your fence will stay securely in the ground for years to come. The proper depth will change depending on where you are, and the condition of the soil. In areas where soil is more damp and insect prone, a less deep post-setting hole depth may be required.

3. What are My Alternative Choices for Outdoor Fences?

  • Wrought iron fences: these are a popular choice for decorative purposes. Typically black in appearance, they can frame a garden or yard without obstructing any views.
  • Chain link fences: more popular in industrial applications, but also used for some homes that want a durable fence that can keep children and pets in effectively.
  • Vinyl fences: from faraway, they can look like white painted fences. They often require less upkeep than wooden fences, though a periodic rinse might be necessary to clean off algae.

Are you interested in a chain link fence, or any other type of fence? Let us know in the comments. More.

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