Three Tips for Reviving Your Outdoor Space

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“Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors,” Oscar de la Renta, the famous fashion designer, once said. Are you interested in taking another look at your outdoor landscaping? It’s a common experience: when you first move into your home, the landscaping is immaculate and beautiful. After a few years, though, full-looking bushes turn scraggly, and other plants fade out.

How can you add some life and color into your garden? Here are three tips for reviving your outdoor space.

1. Start With Landscaping Designs

It can be tempting to drive to the nearest landscaping center and load up on shrubs and trees. If you don’t plan out your garden beforehand, however, chances are things will end up in shambles — shrubs might die as a result of too much light, or too little, and one side of your home might end up looking under-utilized. How can you avoid your yard looking like a half-shaken etch-a-sketch? There are many designs available for free or purchase online — you can also hire a landscaper to come and point out what plans would work for your specific space.

2. Mulch, Sand and Rocks

  • What’s the purpose of colored mulch? Any substrate placed over the surface of your garden will help to keep in moisture, and keep out weeds. Mulch is popular because it can add color to gardens as well as nutrients as the wood or bark materials break down.
  • Many gardeners like to mix landscaping sand in with their soil. All sand will not be good for your plants, as it lacks nutrients. Some, though, can help in that it encourages good drainage, reducing the risk of root rot. Transplanted plants tend to establish better in sandy soil, as well.
  • Instead of mulch, you can also try landscaping stones. These can be an appealing and long-lasting addition to your garden — unlike mulch, they needn’t be replaced every year.

3. Adding Unique Touches

The truth hurts, but here it is: lawn gnomes and other cheap looking ornaments are pretty out of style. However, there are a lot of great ways you can make your garden look unique and magazine-worthy at the same time. Wooden bridges, small ponds, and other details can greatly enhance your garden.

Could you see yourself using mulch, landscaping sand, or bridges in your garden? Let us know in the comments. Great references here.

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