Three Warning Signs That Your Business Needs New Commercial Doors

Commercial windows

Have you paid attention to your business’s doors lately? If not, you may be missing out on the signs that they need replacing. Unlike those found in residential homes, commercial windows and doors are made to withstand the risks that can come with owning a business, such as burglaries or damage from fire. Yet over time, doors can begin to break down and may even present safety hazards to you and your workers.

Your business may already need new commercial doors, but you may not notice if you’ve been ignoring the warning signs. If any of these three incidents has already occurred for you, however, then it may be time to reconsider your business’s need for new commercial doors:

  • Burglary: If your business has experienced a break-in, you’re not alone. While home intrusions are reported for residential homes every 13 seconds on average, businesses also suffer from the same difficulties, especially if they have inadequate entry doors. About 30% of all burglaries result from an unlocked door or window, so if your doors have begun to break down over time, then you may need to replace them.
  • High Energy Bills: You may be letting heat escape from your building without even realizing it. While most people know that high efficiency windows can save them money on heating and cooling, they should also be aware that newer doors can give them the same benefits. Upgrading to a new door that seals in heat during the winter can help lower energy bills and keep workers comfortable and happy, too.
  • Fire Hazards: Are your building’s doors presenting a fire hazard? If you’ve already had a fire or found out that your business is at a risk for one, then you may need to upgrade to steel doors on the exterior of your building or inside of it. Fire rated windows and doors are designed to contain fires should one break out, so this is important to have in large buildings where there is a risk of a fire.

Have more questions on selecting the right commercial doors for your business? Get in touch with a supplier of heavy duty entry and interior doors to find out more. You can also leave a comment with any suggestions or concerns below.

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