Tips and Tricks for Grease Trap Cleaning – Confluent Kitchen

It’s the most enjoyable or exciting task, it’s an important one that needs to be accomplished. Here are some suggestions and techniques for cleaning your grease trap.

A grease trap can also be known as an grease interceptor or recovery device. The purpose of a grease trap is to capture solids or greases before they get into a system for wastewater. The trap could contain different kinds of greases, and they must be eliminated.

The most common solid types of grease can be sucked out via a scoop or bucket. It will help you keep clean and won’t cause a mess in cleaning the trap. After most of the liquid is gone then you are able to use a vacuum attachment in order to cleanse the trap.

Finally, it’s best to add some degreaser and water into the grease trap in order to thoroughly clean it. You don’t have to make it clean as it will be dirty when it’s back to functionality. For a demonstration on cleaning grease traps, watch this video.


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