Top Three Fundamental Factors to Consider When Constructing a Fence

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There are lots of reasons to put up fencing, but there are some things that should be considered when your planning where to stick the posts. Here are three fundamental factors that you have to keep in mind when you are trying to decide whether or not you want fencing or even how you will put it up:

1. Utility

Take a moment and think about exactly what you want your fence to do. Building fences can be expensive, meter for meter, and the amount of fencing necessary to surround an area increases a lot for every square foot you intend to protect. In some cases, you may not need as much fencing as you would expect. If you are trying to build a tall fence with the best iron gates for the security of your home, could you secure your home as effectively with a good lock and security bars over the first floor windows? Those would be considerably cheaper and perhaps would fulfill the same function. If you are fencing in your yard with nice wood fences just for the look of it and do not have any children or small animals, perhaps you will not require a safety fence around the pool. Cutting corners on fencing, no pun intended, can really save quite a bit of coin.

2. Appearance

As you consider the most efficient way to fulfill your fencing needs, however, also consider the appearance involved. A chain link fence is a very cheap but functional barrier. Chain link fence can be quite an eyesore if it is raised haphazardly around a nice-looking home, however. When you consider the value of fencing, also consider the property value and how the fencing will affect that. Chain link fence may save you money now, but it could easily cost you down the road.

3. Convenience

Finally, once you’ve decided what fence needs to go where, you may want to consider the convenience of the structure. Safety is a very valuable thing. If there is any risk to your home or safety, it is very important to safeguard them by whatever means you deem necessary. However, just because there is a risk of a bear attack doesn’t mean I carry a rifle with me at all times. Remember that you will have to traverse whatever barriers you put up to access the protected area every single time you wish to do so. If you fence in your home, that is a lock you have to disarm and then rearm each and every time you want to come or go. You must weigh that against the risk to decide if it is truly worth the effort. What are you planning on fencing in? Research more like this.

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