Travertine Cleaning Services A Few Things You Should Know

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Anyone who has ever built or remodeled a home know just how difficult finding the right flooring material can be. It may not seem like a challenging task but the right kind of material can truly make or brake your house’s overall design. The kind of material used is also important for the house’s cleanliness. In general, hard surface materials like granite, ceramic, limestone, marble, terrazzo, and travertine are easier to clean than soft surface materials such as carpeting and rugs. One reason for this is that soft materials retain more dirt, dust, germs, and grime than their hard surface counterparts. Over time, this material builds up, dirtying not only the floor but the air. Houses with soft floors are more likely to have poorer air quality than those with hard surfaces. It may be for this reason that in 2011, roughly 66% of flooring covering replacement projects used hard surface materials.

There are many hard surface materials to choose from, each bring their own advantages to the table. However, for a truly spectacular floor, travertine is the mineral to go with. The United States imports or mines more than 0.85 million tons of travertine every year. Its enduring popularity may have something to do with its gorgeous looks and impressive durability (a 1′ x 1′ tile for example weighs five pounds, meaning it provides excellent resistance to damage). Historically, people have used travertine as a building material for centuries. Among many other structures, the Colosseum in Rome is primarily composed of travertine (which makes sense considering much of the world’s travertine supply comes from Italy)!

Still, like all minerals, travertine must be cleaned and restored from time to time. That is why travertine cleaning by professionals is so useful for homeowners with travertine floors, counters, patios, etc. Travertine cleaning companies provide travertine polishing, travertine restoration, and other travertine services that will restore the floors to good as new. These companies have the expertise and cleaning materials needed to get the job done right. Minerals especially require special chemicals and cleaning supplies. Travertine is no exception, and travertine cleaning companies know just what to use to get the floors sparkling again.

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