Two Ways to Correctly Clean Hardwood Floors

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Did you know that hardwood is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available? In fact, the United States Green Building Council recommends using bamboo for flooring because it is highly renewable, and most hardwood flooring can last for several hundred years. However, even the best hardwood floors must be cleaned occasionally, so you must determine the best way to clean hardwood floors in order to properly maintain them.

– Vacuum. While this step may seem obvious, you actually have to obtain a vacuum cleaner that is made specifically for hardwood floors. This is because most vacuums have rotating brushes that are designed to clean carpets more deeply, but these brushes can scratch and scuff hardwood floors. As a result, you must either acquire a vacuum for hardwood floors or a vacuum that gives you the option to turn off the rotating brush. By using the right type of vacuum for hardwood floors, you can keep your flooring both clean and unblemished.

– Use safe cleaning agents. Hardwood is somewhat delicate, so you must stay away from cleaning products that contain harmful or damaging chemicals. Bleach, ammonia, and furniture spray, for instance, should all be avoided because they are abrasive and will leave residue behind. This means that you should use a water-based cleaner that is pH-neutral because these types of agents are gentle on wood and will eliminate grease and dirt. Additionally, when you utilize these types of cleaners, your floor’s finish will not dull.

Hardwood is one of the best flooring options available, but it must be properly maintained. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by using safe cleaning agents and a vacuum for hardwood floors. By utilizing these cleaning products, preserving your hardwood floors will be a cinch. More.

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