Upscale Floors Emulate Life-Like Ocean And Forest Scenes

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One of the latest flooring trends is also one of the most creative and striking. New, 3D floors first appeared in coffee shops, hotels, night clubs, and high-end shopping centers. The trend is now coming to into vogue in residential areas as well. The special technique requires layering lacquer, stone flooring, and/or tile flooring and thereby “transforming ordinary rooms into life-like 3D ocean and forest landscapes,” writes. A well-crafted 3D floor, for example, may give homeowners and their guests the illusion of stepping out onto the ocean.

Are 3D Floors Here To Stay?

“Most customers favor coral reefs, waves, dolphins, and tropical fish,” Mirror writes. Floors that emulate more complex scenes, such as cliff sides, are not unheard of, however. Of course, the floors, consisting of just a few layers, are not truly 3D. Angled pictures and flat flooring materials piled one on top of the other create a 3D effect. Is this technique just a fad, or is it here to stay?

The answer to that question is not entirely clear. While it is one of the most popular upscale flooring options at the moment, questions about its sustainability and practicality remain. While most 3D floors are hardy and durable, they are also an art form. Homeowners must fully commit to the particular image before installation as it can be a long and difficult process to replace it.

Striking A Compromise

Of course, when selecting new flooring and stone and tile designs, homeowners do have a vast array of options. If you are afraid that you will grow weary of a particular 3D floor design or wish to change it up after several years, there is an obvious compromise. Many homeowners are combining more traditional stone flooring with a window- or aquarium-like portion devoted to a 3D image. That way, if homeowners have the desire, they can replace smaller, 3D images with a new one — or they can cover up that part of the floor altogether.

New upscale floors are going 3D. Expect to see striking ocean scene and life-like forests, particularly in high-end homes.

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