Versatile and Beautiful Window Treatments

Basswood shutters

When window shutters first came into use, their application was more practical than today. Homes were built with shutters for practical purposes, which included keeping out sunlight, intruders, and the wind blown debris from storms. This latter use culminated in certain regions of the United States dubbing them “storm shutters.”

Many homes today still sport exterior shutters, but most of them are non-functioning, and their sole purpose is purely aesthetic. On the other hand, plantation shutters, as well as other types of interior shutters and blinds, remain popular, and are installed for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Depending upon individual taste, there are literally countless options among window blinds and shutters from which homeowners can choose. Whether a homeowner prefers venetian blinds, roller shutters, plantation shutters, or cafe blinds, they can make a huge practical and aesthetic difference.

Among the many available window treatment options available, plantation shutters are one of the most common. The primary reason for their popularity is their versatility. If you know how to install plantation shutters, you probably realize that they are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of different materials. Although many homeowners still invest in wooden plantation shutters, low-maintenance acrylic shutters are the most popular.

In addition to their attractiveness and easy upkeep, homeowners also appreciate plantation shutters for their safety. Since they are opened and closed manually, the absence of cords and electrical current makes them particularly safe for homes with children.

The life span of vertical blinds is somewhere between seven and ten years, which is the typical length of time they remain most attractive. Whether or not homeowners know how to install plantation shutters, they remain among the most beautiful and enduring window treatments.
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