Video Surveillance Puts Big Brother to Work for You

Commercial security cameras

Big Brother has traditionally gotten a pretty bad rap. We’re always leery of some clandestine set of eyes watching our every move, but Big Brother (appearing now in the form of wireless security cameras systems) is a popular, growing, and ever watchful protector. The video surveillance industry is projected to reach over $25 billion in the next two years. Big Brother is going to be a pretty busy guy.
With an increasing amount of violence and crime (as we’ve seen with multiple mass shootings, for example), today’s Big Brother is much more representative of his name. Rather than someone to be suspicious of, he’s beginning to become a protective force in the world. Cities where security camera systems are installed saw a decrease of about a third in the frequency of crimes like robberies and drug related offenses. Big Brother even had a hand in finding the men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.
Wireless security cameras systems can protect the general public, but they can keep their eyes on us at the places we visit the most, like school and work. Almost 85% of high schools report that they use video surveillance with middle schools and elementary schools not far behind, about 75% and 50% reported using it respectively. Considering all of the violence occurring at and in schools these days, it’s a good thing that Big Brother is keeping an eye out.
Commercial security cameras can also protect your business or where you work. Places where video surveillance systems are installed saw about a 20% decrease in the frequency of crimes. The most effective place to install wireless security cameras systems is in parking lots; those that have them saw a 51% reduction in crime rates. Whether you own a business or just work at one, wireless security cameras systems can protect you and your assets.
Wireless security cameras systems aren’t just for protecting the public, though. They can protect your home. Home security monitoring protects your home, your family, and your belongings. Home security products (like home security alarms)put Big Brother to work for you.
In an uncertain world plagued with crime and violence these days, we need someone to look out for us. All in all, yes, Big Brother is watching you. But that definitely isn’t a bad thing. Continue reading here.

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