Want To Save Money on Your DIY Wedding? Rent Your Tools

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Thanks to Pinterest and a growing number of wedding shows and blogs, DIY weddings have become more popular than ever. While do-it-yourself wedding projects are rewarding and fun, there is often one thing that holds you up before you begin.

You don’t have all of the required tools or equipment.

Fortunately there is a cheaper alternative to spending a lot of money buying tools you’ll only use once: tools for rent. In fact, the general standard is that if you don’t plan on using a piece of equipment more than 60-70% of the time, you should rent.

One of the best things about tools for rent is they typically have an indefinite rental period, meaning you can rent equipment for as short, or as long, as you need for your specific project. And for only a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment, rental tools are the most convenient, cost-effective solution.

    Some of the most common equipment rentals are:

  • power equipment rental
  • concrete tool rental
  • scaffolding rentals

Another plus to using equipment rental companies when planning your wedding is these companies often also offer outdoor party rentals including chairs, tables, tents and more. With over a third of weddings held outdoors, you can take care of your furniture and general setup through the same company you use for tools, cutting down the planning process.

There are a lot of companies in the Chicago area that offer tools for rent. It’s important to consider your options, particularly if you will be requiring additional services like setup or on-site maintenance. Regardless of your needs, choosing to rent rather than buy for your wedding is a great way to cut costs and save money that can be spent on more exciting aspects of your big day!

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