What Do Spina Bifida Patient Advocates Have to Say? – Dt W News


. You can find out more information through the YouTube video, “Meet Brendan Downes 180 Medical Patient Advocate”.

The clip shows a man named Brendan Downes, who is both a medical patient advocate and a person living with spina bipolar disorder. His special talent is the ability to get close with patients, and also to know their needs directly.

Downes his job is to assist patients and visit them to let them know that the journey isn’t over. He also educates the staff regarding handling patients properly and considerately. The insights he provides help staff understand how to handle situations and make more informed choices.

Unfortunately, medical issues can be a very difficult time for families of patients as well as the patients however, one of Downes’ responsibility is to give the support and optimism for these patients. Since he’s experienced similar issues to many of his patients, he can give them motivation. Sometimes all you require is someone who can truly sympathize.

The rest of the video for more information about the spina bifida community as well as contact us if are thinking you’ll need one.

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