What Is the Purpose of Professional Jewelry Appraisers? – Heels WebShop


This is the reason for replacing insurance. Most of the appraisals done these days are for insurance replacements where the goal is to bring back the value of the item to the owner. Other than insurance appraisals/replacement value appraisals, jewelry appraisers can also perform fair market value appraisals and liquidation appraisals.

The fair market value appraisals as well as liquidation appraisals are quite like each other in that they reflect the actual resale value of the object, i.e., the amount one would expect to get if one is a need an opportunity to sell the object. The difference is that appraisals for liquidation reflect the value one would receive in the event of an immediate sale. The reason for an appraisal of jewelry for insurance purposes is to obtain the complete and fair value of the piece from insurance. Appraisers certified by a certified appraiser will provide a stamped, detailed appraisal that is legally and legally binding. Accurate appraisals require that the jewelry first be sent to a respected gemological laboratory such as GIA or IGI, which will provide a scientific grading report. This report forms the basis for the appraisal.

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