What is the Right Flooring Option For You

Empire floors and carpet

Throughout homes a debate is raging when it comes to home improvements. The debate? Carpet vs. wood flooring and which home improvement can get you the most money when it is time to sell your property. There are several ways to find what flooring options are the best fit.

Clearly this debate favors the consumer. There are an estimated 18,903 flooring companies in the United States. The flooring industry in the United States is worth an estimated $17 billion dollars. It is easy to find what kind of flooring is best for even the most discernible customer.

New carpet installation can be a valuable investment particularly in cold weather clients. Carpet can be easy to maintain. Putting baking soda in your vacuum cleaners bag can help eliminate odors trapped in carpet or flooring. Carpet tile installation can be simple if you want to keep carpet installation costs low. Remember your carpet tile can be re-installed if you want to try a different technique or different look.

Hard wood floors are efficient in terms of maintenance because they can be easily cleaned. Hard wood floors are among the most popular renovations for home owners. They can give you a modern look or classic look depending upon the finish of the floors. A solid wood flooring company can give you the idea on what suits your home best.

Hard wood floors can last over 100 years in the typical residential home when they are properly maintained. It is common in homes throughout New England to have that are hundreds of years old to have the original solid wood floor still in use today. Even if you buy a home with carpet do not be surprised to find hard wood floors underneath.

No matter what side of the carpet vs. wood flooring debate you fall upon it is easy to find what suits you. Consult with a flooring expert or check out reviews on websites like Empire Floors from other consumers. The decision to renovate your floors can be a difficult one so make sure to pick the one that suits your family.

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