What, Oh WHAT to Do With Your Kitchen?

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Think your kitchen is “unremodelable”? Think again! (Also, “unremodelable” is not a word.) Small kitchens, awkward kitchens, kitchens with no earthly business existing in a house… all types of kitchens can be remodeled, and remodeled to good effect. You just gotta want it.

This Kitchen Is Too Small. Feeling cramped? Not enough space in your place? Having trouble squeezing past someone on your way to the fridge? It’s all about storage.

  • Start thinking vertically, beginning with your cupboards — the undersides of shelves and the walls of cabinets can be modified for extra storage. Make sure your shelves are adjusted properly, too: if you’ve got a lot of wasted space over your plates, move the next shelf down a few notches.
  • An overhead hanging pan rack can also free up valuable cabinet real estate. Otherwise, all that space above your head is just going to waste.
  • A rolling island can work wonders in a small space, adding an extra countertop when you need it, hiding just around the corner when you don’t. And you can usually store things in it too.

The Kitchen Is Too Big. Believe it or not, a big space can sometimes be just as frustrating as a small space, if it’s not laid out properly. The name of the game is flow.

  • First part’s easy: sit down and imagine a typical day in your kitchen. Figure out who does what and where they spend the majority of their time. Is one person more of a baker and one person more of a Rice-a-Roni specialist? Does the toaster oven see the most traffic, while the blender sits dusty and unappreciated?
  • Armed with this new knowledge, arrange your kitchen accordingly. High traffic areas deserve more space, while less-used areas can be condensed.
  • If you have the space, an island can work wonders, not only functionally but visually as well. In the words of a wise, wise man, it can really “tie the room together.”

Different types of kitchens call for different kitchen remodeling ideas. But don’t just think of the here-and-now — bathroom and kitchen design upgrades are some of the first things potential homebuyers positively drool over, and you’d be surprised how much a new bathroom vanity or few different types of kitchen flooring can transform a space from “the room you’re forced to use every now and then” into “someplace you actually want to spend time and that will end up making you money in the long run anyway.” Read more about this topic at this link. More can be found here.

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