What Will the House of the Future Look Like?

Future house technology

In the year 2050, it is believed that approximately 74% of the entire world population will live in urban environments. However, if you look at future houses designed today, many are placed in urban settings, but just as many sit serenely in fields, forests, deserts, and up against cliff sides. So how are these future houses designed? Wherever you want your future home to be, you can design your future house by following these tips.

  1. Future housing trends.
  2. Modern houses are commonly designed with sharp angles, abnormal curves, and mind-bending architecture. They are extremely well designed to save space, but at the same time many use flexible and open floor plans. Walk into any standard home and you know exactly where the kitchen is, where the dining room is, and which rooms are bedrooms. Not so in future houses designed to shock and awe. Many incorporate outdoor rooms and are exceptional at smoothly blending the architecture between what is considered indoors, and what is considered outdoors.

  3. Future housing materials.
  4. By and large, housing of the future will be eco-friendly, in anticipation of the environmental and energy crises that are already building to a head today. Futuristic housing makes use of a lot of glass, concrete, silicon, steel, and generally industrial materials. On the other end of the spectrum, you see the use of hyper-natural materials, including those that are biodegradable or recycled.

  5. Future house technology.
  6. Many future homes will be utilizing green roofs and green walls for energy efficiency and style. On the inside of the home you can expect to see a lot of automated processes, such as temperature, and lighting, with shades drawing down on their own with the push of a button. Televisions that slide away into walls or furniture will be standard as future designs highlight the maximization of space, and better incorporation of appliances so that they are almost hidden. You should leave room in your designs for smart technology, as industries are already creating the fridge that tells you exactly what is in it, what you are out of, and what you can make with what you already have.

Future housing design trends, materials, and technologies may seem like they are contradictory, but they all point to the same them. A maximization of space, an ease of living, and responsible and efficient design. The house of the future may blend into its environment, or it might stick out like a sore thumb, but it will be more of a presence and an entity in our lives than it has ever been before.

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