What Working at an Architectural Firm Looks Like – Cleveland Internships

behold. There are many buildings being built daily, with contemporary and modern designs emerging all the time. Architects are responsible for stunning houses and living spaces on the planet, and also the one you reside in currently! Alongside the hard task of creating buildings with accuracy and precision it is also important to understand additional aspects to the job of an architect that we don’t get to be a part of on a day-to-day basis. This video shows an average workday for an architect.

It is evident that life in the architecture firm is hectic and filled with a variety of jobs. You may be engaged in UX designs, working on tiny details for bathrooms, or visiting the site for a look at the progress! A architect’s role is providing the homeowner with guidance through each stage of building. There are times when you’re working on several sites at once, and you might have to deal with several different contractors for one job. An architect’s success is contingent upon a robust communications network.


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