Why More Women Have an Interest in Home Renovation

Industrial bolts

About 85% of the nation’s homes were built before 1980 and will like need frequent maintenance and upkeep. This isn’t such bad news, considering that 61% of women homeowners report that they enjoy having home maintenance and repair projects. Maybe it’s the smell of the nut and bolt supply isle, the feel of stainless steel flange bolts, or the great conversations evoked by nut bolt suppliers. Whatever it is, more women than ever are engaged in home renovations.

One big reason women want to get involved is to gain decision making power. They wield the power in their homes and they want them to be built in ways that make sense for their lives. One great example, refrigerators. 36% of side-by-side refrigerators need repair within the first three to four years. No mom, or family member, wants a broken fridge. When women are in on the plans, they make decisions based on the very real experiences of people in the house.

In addition, shows like Rehab Addict show women that construction isn’t just a man’s world. Communication with nut bolt suppliers does not have to be reserved for men only! Women are seeing the glory of building something with their hands and using it. So why should they be welcomed with open arms? Because they come with a fresh perspective.

It’s easy to let industry standards dictate how home improvement goes. However, when a women gives her input, she thinks entirely outside of the box. A new set of eyes can say “why don’t we place that in the center of the room” or “what do we even need that for?”. During your next renovation, make room for a woman at the table and you might just be surprised by what she contributes.

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