Why You Need to Maintain Your AC Evaporator Coils

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We’re coming up on the hottest weeks of the year, and if you have not already, you really need to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order. There are few worse things than waiting until the hottest day of the year when you can fry and egg on the sidewalk and going outside feels like you’re walking into an oven to turn on your air conditioner, only to find out that it’s broken and only putting out the slightest amount of cool air. To make matters worse, you aren’t the only one, so you have to wait a few days for the repairman to come. Some levels of heat can get really uncomfortable, but they can also be very dangerous especially for pets, the elderly, and young children. Furthermore, air conditioning units do much more than make your home a more comfortable temperature; they also filter out allergens which is important during the summer months when pollen and different types of spores are flying through the air.

One of the most common problems that air conditioners have are dirty coils. An air conditioning evaporator coil can accumulate mold, dirt, dust, and other debris that can dramatically affect its function. Dirty air conditioning coils can lead to decreased performance, loss of cooling function, and increased energy use, so AC coil cleaning is very important. Cleaning air conditioning coils should be done by a professional because they are sealed, and you don’t want to ruin your air conditioner because you don’t know what you’re doing or put yourself at risk for electric shock.

Air conditioning companies can check your air conditioning coils and other important elements of your air conditioning system, like the filters and other parts that might need replacing. Learn more at this link.


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