Why You Should Build a Luxury New Home

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When it comes to developing trends in buying and building new homes, Edmond, Oklahoma is representative of much of the country: as the area is currently experiencing a job growth rate of 1.36%, more and more people in Edmond are choosing to build brand new homes instead of renting or buying. An estimated 64.66% of the homes around the city are owned, and many have been built with help from luxury home builders, who specialize in creating custom new home designs. And with a projected job growth of 39.7% over the next ten years, it seems likely that this trend of building a new home instead of buying will continue. But is this choice right for you?

Custom homes offer homeowners the unique opportunity to create a house that perfectly fits their needs in a location of their choosing. Often, custom home builders will use house designs and floor plans drawn out by architects or professional home designers, giving the homeowner access to experts with experience incorporating desired features into home floor plans. Additionally, custom-built homes often include modern luxury amenities and building codes that enhance the home and conserve energy usage, making newly built custom homes as much as 17% more energy efficient.

While many people choose to buy existing homes, there are a number of consequences that can result from this decision: by purchasing an existing home, you run the risk of obtaining low quality features, having to replace or repair a number of features, and even having to remodel to bring the house up to the standards you are used to. Moreover, the house may have a higher rate of energy usage due to outdated building codes. In contrast, brand new homes from luxury builders are often built on high-end property in luxury areas, and typically include a number of pleasing features, amenities, and appliances. Moreover, they are more energy efficient due to modern building codes and techniques. The advantages are clear: if you need a new home, don’t waste your time looking at real estate listing. Instead, talk to a new home construction company about luxury home construction. More like this article.

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