Why Your Home Needs Window Treatments

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Did you know that as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows? This can have a serious impact on your monthly energy bill, especially if you find yourself constantly adjusting the temperature to stay comfortable in the winter cold and summer heat. One of the best ways to reduce this energy loss is by installing window treatments, such as blinds, curtains, or awnings, in your home. With the wide variety of window treatment trends and options available, finding a way to prevent energy loss while complementing the appearance of your home has never been easier.

Window treatments are designed to insulate windows, trapping the hot or cold air inside a building. They are especially helpful during the summer months, as they are typically able to keep air conditioning indoors while keeping heat or UV rays outside. Traditionally, most homeowners have used window curtains and blinds to achieve this effect: both are prized for their ability to provide privacy within a home, but also let in light when necessary. However, there are certain advantages to each option. For example, Curtains are able to trap hot and cool inside a home, creating a temperate, comfortable environment. They are also used to deflect UV rays and unwanted noise. Meanwhile, window blinds are one of the most cost effective window treatment options, and are ideal for homeowners whose main goal is controlling the amount of light in a space. Vertical blinds in particular are used to protect indoor furniture from sun damage while still allowing light to enter the room.

However, window treatments aren’t only used inside a home. Awnings, such as Sunair awnings, are used on porches and decks to provide shade and protect the house from unwanted temperature and sun damage. Awnings have been shown to reduce window glare by as much as 97% in the typical home. Because this prevents the home from heating up and increasing the energy needed to create a comfortable temperature, awnings therefore help homeowners reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stay environmentally friendly. Some types of awnings, like Sunair awnings, are even retractable, giving homeowners access to sunlight when they desire it.

If you have noticed that your energy bills increase during the major heating and cooling seasons, or that you are always too hot or cold in your home, you may have tried to reduce your reliance on your home’s heating and cooling system. However, the energy usage may not be your fault: if you don’t have window treatments, it is likely that a great deal of your heating and cooling energy is being lost through your windows. Increase your home’s energy efficiency and compliment your home’s appearance: invest in blinds, curtains, or even outdoor Sunair awnings today!
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