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Future house

It is said that home is where the heart is. Where the future house of your dreams will be, that is an entirely different story. To design your future house, you need only think of the realm of endless possibilities that could exist. The architect of future houses has much to consider, in terms of the future house technology that will be available, the shifts in human lifestyle, changes in climate and even if a titanic shift in political powers will effect how and where future houses are built. Understanding what the world will be like and anticipating and leading the trends is where the art in this architecture truly exists. Future houses designs will are more likely be radical to our understanding of home construction and layout today. How individuals interact with their environment, their neighbors, their world will be supported or hampered with how well future houses are planned and mapped out.

With advancements in materials and manufacturing processes contending with an ever changing environment and society, future houses could also serve as more then a dwelling place. They could possibly represent where we grow our food, do our work and raise a family. A shift back to a more traditional understanding with a house being the center of an individuals life could very well return, given man kinds ability to design future houses to solve the looming and unknown challenges that await future generations, just beyond the abyss. Future houses will certainly be a shock if we were to see them today, just as a submarine would shell shock Captain Ahab as his harpoon clanked off its side, mistaken for a prized whale.

The reality behind the growing need for future houses is understanding future housing trends and how they will change throughout the lifespan of the planet we call Earth. Future houses have been the topic of conversation for many years because of the overcrowding in small areas and the need to accommodate the growing global population. For many, future houses are but a dream but the pressing need to address these aspirations of maybe one day having a place to call home is something the world needs to take notice of. Forge the path for the generation of tomorrow by doing what you can today to help the future houses owners.

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