Are You Renting Equipment for a Job Site? Don’t Forget These Requirements for Renting Scaffolding and Lifts

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Job sites that involve constructing or repairing structures several stories high or more often require the use of aluminum scaffolding and aerial or scissor lifts to complete the work. While these items are readily available from local construction equipment rental companies, they can’t always be used by anyone. As a result, you may have to do more than call up a power equipment rental service to get these vital tools.

So what should you know before you rent scissor lifts, scaffolding, and other aerial lift equipment? From the needs of the job to lift and scaffold rental rates, here’s what you should discuss with your rental provider before you choose equipment for your construction job.

Job Requirements

The first thing to consider before renting equipment is to figure out what tools are needed for a job. If your workers will be building or repairing a structure no more than a couple of stories high, you can likely get away with using an aerial lift (also called a scissor lift). If you need something on the side of a skyscraper or other large building, scaffolding may be necessary. Much of today’s scaffolding is powered similar to an aerial lift in order to be used with ease.


While most power equipment may seem fairly simple to use, it can be dangerous if placed in the hands of inexperienced or untrained workers. To make sure that everyone on the job site is safe, make sure that aerial lifts are only used by those who have completed scissor lift training. Additionally, ensure that all workers on scaffolding and other lifts have safety harnesses and nets and other precautions in place to prevent tragedies from occurring.


Not all rental equipment is priced the same. Lift and scaffold rental rates will depend largely what you’re renting and how long you need it for. For the most part, rental equipment is available by the day or week, so you should have plenty of flexibility for your construction. Make sure to ask about lift and scaffold rental rates for the duration of your project and beyond, if needed, so you’re aware of all the costs and fees.

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